“A refugee is not an invalid person, he could be productive in the new society that receives him; just give him the opportunity. I think your project Tandem with the refugees will let them prove that.

I need to thank Tandem for this initiative, and all their support and efforts that they make to help us newcomers (the refugees ones), introducing and integrating us to the society. Through Tandem, organizations understand that we have our talents, backgrounds and knowledge to share, although it is not easy to find a job and get integrated. Tandem tries to facilitate all these obstacles and find linguistic and financial arrangements, which make us practice the language and make a new communication network and renew our self-esteem and improve our competences.
To EDGE Funders Alliance represented by Luciana and Tobias and their colleagues in other parts of the world, I cannot find the words to thank them, all their efforts to help me to take maximum of experience, present me to their colleagues from other organizations and to help me on my job search; they created a friendly and trustful environment that makes you comfortable, in spite of the short time of 2 weeks. Their welcoming and helpful method gives the desire to stay with them and it is really difficult to leave.

Thanks for every one in Tandem and EDGE Funders Alliance with all their team.”

Wassim volunteered with the EDGE Funders Alliance in spring 2017.