In June 2017, Majd Janat completed a placement with EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Majd is a mechanical engineer from Syria who graduated 14th in his class at Aleppo University in 2013. He has several years of work experience in Syria and Iraq and was a great fit for this placement.

The EuroACE team, including Adrian, Iva, and Caroline, were all very supportive and engaged before, during, and after Majd’s placement, working closely with him to plan the placement in line with his career interests. They held a Skype call and an in-person meeting before the placement started. This helped them to get the maximum benefit of the two weeks they had together. As Majd writes in his testimonial: “Despite…the short period, it was more than a great experience for me…EuroACE was very supportive. Now I know exactly where I am standing at the job market in Belgium and what skills I have to improve in the near future.”

At the end of the placement, EuroACE provided Majd with a recommendation letter for his future employer. They have also introduced him to many of their members and supported his participation in EUSEW and Eurodesk conference activities.

Building these professional relationships and skills is a critical part of the Tandem mission. We thank EuroACE and Majd for their careful preparation and we wish them all great success in their future endeavors!