Tandem is a voluntary initiative and aims to have as small a budget as possible. Yet, some costs are unavoidable.  Covering these out of the pockets of Tandem team members is not sustainable.

To cover our small operating costs (e.g. web-hosting, printing, meeting costs), and to reimburse the costs of the refugees who are part of the team, we’ll need to do some fundraising.

Tandem’s friends have been quick to help us out with this!  ActionAid were one of the first NGOs to host a Tandem volunteer in July.  Their Brussels Director also happens to be the lead singer of NGO super-group Toy Division, and kindly offered to donate the entrance fees from a forthcoming concert to us, in cooperation with the Uncivil Society – a monthly social gathering for Brussels civil society.  The 17 September concert proved to be a double success for Tandem.  We raised 600 EUR and had the chance to spread the Tandem message amongst the NGO crowd present!  Thanks to Toy Division and the Uncivil Society, more organisations are signing up to Tandem!  Yours can be next!