“Our experience with Yazan was very positive. We used his knowledge and experience with the Dublin system to write background information on Dublin and the EU-Turkey deal that combined both policy and his personal experiences, and that I will use in later work. We really valued having his inside perspective on the migration policies that we only know from inside the Brussels bubble. We also really enjoyed having him in the office, as he has a great personality.”

– Emma Klever, Head of Policy, European Movement International


“I got to know the Tandem initiative through Facebook. I registered with my personal information and the experience that I was looking for based on my CV and my upcoming studies at VUB. It was an opportunity to practice my English and to get to know more about policies and regulations of the EU. After I finished my two week internship, I learned about the EU’s history, policies and regulations, and I also had the chance to improve my English, as I had hoped. Thank you Tandem and EMI for the opportunity.”

– Yazan Azmi , 23-year old refugee from Syria


Read about Yazan’s experience arriving to Europe here: http://europeanmovement.eu/from-the-wars-tornado-to-dublins-whirlpool/