“In the last couple of weeks, we have had the good fortune of having a volunteer with us.,who is opening our eyes to the reality of refugees and asylum seekers here in Europe. Recognising the impact on people of being stuck in a refugee centre, without access to work or education, [Tandem] has set up this initiative. Monaf has helped us by giving his own opinion on what needs to be done to support refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Europe and beyond.”

Laura Sullivan, Regional Director for Europe and the Americas, ActionAid


“It’s been the most beautiful time I have experienced since I arriving in Belgium, essentially because I felt alive again, after what has been a very difficult number of months. Over the last two weeks, I met very good people outside of the refugee centre. At ActionAid, I helped…with their work on figuring out how to respond to the crisis of solidarity and leadership in Europe and in the world in the face of large numbers of people on the move in search of a decent life. They gave me the opportunity to voice my opinion on migration and asylum questions that affect me personally as a refugee in Belgium.”

Monaf Alkalaani, a 26-year old refugee from Syria


Read more from Laura about their work with Monaf on the ActionAid website: http://www.actionaid.org/2016/07/back-life-back-reality-story-monaf-and-actionaid